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After examining your goals, our team constructs a strategic plan to achieve results, drawing on the most appropriate electronic vehicles. Our approach may include websites,micro-sites, e-newsletters, social media, email campaigns and e-announcements. We coordinate and implement each vehicle for maximum impact.

Multimedia combines videos, computerized information, brochures and written text all into one simple program.
If your training or sales presentations rely on lots of materials from a variety of sources, you should know about multimedia from Marketing Etcetera. Multimedia integrates written reports, full-motion video footage, audio and voice tape, pictures and graphics into a single computer-based program. One multimedia disk that runs on your laptop can hold an entire sales presentation or training module. So you’re free from bulky brochures, manuals and tapes. You’ll have all the information you need right on screen.

Since Marketing Etcetera’s multimedia is interactive, you can quickly tailor your sales messages to specific audiences, experience levels and interests. Used as a training tool, this feature allows you to select the topic and control the learning pace. In fact, the same presentation can act as both sales and training tools with only slight modifications.
Mail multimedia disks to prospects, VARs and distributors to sell your product. Give them to sales reps or co-workers as a training resource. Run them at tradeshows to stimulate interest. Distribute them on e-mail and bulletin boards to quickly relay information. The uses for multimedia are limited only by your ingenuity.

Multimedia is competitively priced compared to traditional printed materials. And unlike printed pieces, multimedia can be easily updated. Plus you can distribute multimedia worldwide at the touch of a button.